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Ventura Eschatological Balloon, Calu, Not Participating in the Genetic Manipulation of "Blows" and "Nacha Against Babies"

November 30, 2018

In the Lanata Sin Filtro show column, Marina Calabró reviewed the hottest Argentine entertainment themes.

Adrián Ventura's incredible eschatological bloter! The journalist was part of the TN G20 coverage. The "incident" was made by Lorena Maciel's statement: "Adrián Ventura has information on the summit, Adrián decinos." After a brief silence, the journalist's response was heard: "Yes, I'm in the bathroom" In addition: Crónica TV slabs.

Calu Rivero came out with the entry "PH"! "Calling at night" the hero was subjected to a compromise in the Saturday program recorded on the evening. At the last minute, he warned that he would rise because "I do not want to share anything with the two hijackers," referring to Fede Bal (reported by Barbie Vélez) and Polaco (accused by his daughter Alma's mother Valerie Aquino). Regarding the point, their judge Walter Candela was dismissed from the beginning of April 2017. In the case of Polaco, he received a cassation closure in the event of injuries and his former partner's prosecution was continued.

Nacha Guevara puts on blondes for babies! The director of "Incorrect" versions of "Cafe Concert" referred to three small celebrities: Mirko, Matilda and Dionisio; Marley, Luciana Salazar and Flavio Mendoza. "There is something that catches my attention. Should all be blondes and blue eyes? They are chosen because they choose … It seems weird. It's okay to choose what you like, but it's a kid, not a thing, What I am going to do is buy one. "" I want someone who is doing one of these procedures one day, a black kid. That day we have half. I was a little worried about it in the future that they are all so white. "

An overcrowded obstacle between Flor Vigna and Laurita Fernández will be on #FotoGate! Cabré's girlfriend and his asterisk saw each other's face – and they all said – about the ShowMatch track. "I figured out what everyone knew and what happened. I never went to the Cabré dressing room and less to the car. I have never had a relationship other than work. And I'm very good with my friend 4 years ago"Unstable work climate"My brother is a clone": Do not talk about the main characters, the scenes are not outlined between them (they are recorded directly), they were restarted by Cabré's attitude during photography (for example, accidentally and under the breath, when the picture needed a momentum and passion).

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