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Used in Zampedri – 01/31/2019 – Olé

Independiente tried to recruit Fernando Zampedri, Rosario Central forward, until Wednesday it was clear that the transfer would not be made, and Roja is already Peru's Christian Cueva. Although former Atlético Tucumán was very angry and discovered a statement about his Instagram account, in which he provided detailed information about what happened.

He explains that Red began talks on January 3 and that the offer reached his representative and the Rosario Center. "It was an important improvement in my salary, but I never did it." There he pointed out in detail that the original offer was $ 150,000 and that, after the negotiations, the proposal was expanded to $ 2,850,000.

The Central also refused and, according to Zampedri, he explained to Canalla's leaders that he was losing important income for his family's future. "The answer was huge: it does not deserve financial compensation." He added: "We'll see, without giving up the debt they have with me, whose payment will take me immediately".

"It is true that contracts have to be executed (I think the club that I have debt to) is not a tool to take a person in hostage." The attitude of those who ask them is questioned many times. pressure on the clubs, I didn't do it, and maybe that's why I lost the chance to secure the future of my family. In football, this is the rule: good attitudes are signs of weakness.he maintained.

"The central is a large institution, but it is not my house, neither my mother nor my life. Everything in its place. I am a professional and make decisions based on reward for my work, ”he added.

"That doesn't mean I'm not grateful to Rosario Central, much less what I want to be clear about my way of thinking, and I am not ashamed to say: first of all my family, then everything else, I'm a professional football player. Maybe it's a triple phrase but you don't know what it has cost me to get here. See my trajectory. I was a dream about our country's big football just a couple of years ago. In two weeks I'm 31 years old. I have a family that supports and maybe a few more years to try and secure our future. Professionally all I know is football. And the time we are sitting is an activity with a huge physical demand that goes to us at an early age.he described.

"Central has always given me opportunities, opportunities to improve the amount of my transfers (I managed to double it in 20 days). Acknowledgments are obvious in the same way as these, not in the demagogic statements, because I think that a grateful person should act, I think it was the way, it seems that it was not, ”wrote Zampedri.

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The striker closed the text, explaining that he wanted it to have no effect on his performance, and that he would say that he would provide everything for Central. Although it specifies: "I'm the main victim."

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