Saturday , April 17 2021

Updated Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and added new My Fit options

Xiaomi is the company selling the most wearable devices in the world. It's not so much about the benefits as the unbelievable value of money for these products. The best example is Mi Band Group, which has My group 3 his latest model.

This is a device that was updated today by a new firmware that improves some minor wrist bugs and also creates a new feature that some have been waiting for.

Possibility of new static tape movement

One of the most interesting features in my 3rd group is its ability to measure the workouts we just do by wearing it. We can choose between driving, cycling … and even now we can measure our workouts on a static tape, which needs a different step measurement for your design.

Both the bracelet using the firmware and its Mi Fit application has been updated to include this new parameter in the training section.

Now, we can activate this measurement, and the bracelet will list our steps, calories and even be able to alert us if our heart rate is too high, depending on the limits we have set.

To use this feature we will need to update My Fit to version 3.5.5 which is already being used on the Google Play store, and also updates the wrist unit, just by closing it when we install or renew the program. The system will discover that there is a new firmware and send it to the bracelet via bluetooth.

Version: 3.5.5

By: Anhui Huami Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Requires 4.4. And later

Another Xiaomi, Amazfit Cor, wearable is also complemented by this feature, as well as the ability to control the music we hear from the bracelet, which we would also like to see in Mi Band 3.

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