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Unusual story about a dog called "Chuck" in the new Guido Kaczka cycle – 01/14/2019


Today, Monday, at Guido Kaczka premiere "Another family night"produced by Kuarzo El Trece is an entertainment cycle where participants have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of clothing and win important prizes.

At the beginning "Another family night", sylvan decoration, Guido Kaczka presented an original question and answer contest. The premise is that the questions are given in advance on El Trece's website so that participants can explore them before the competition.

Players form a team of two teams. If one who chooses to do so is doing well, both will win on the road that went to Uruguay in Punta del Este tonight. But if it gives the wrong answer, the other team member falls into the water.

On the premiere night, none of the couples involved was able to answer all the questions well, so no one would have received a prize for a trip to Punta del Est.

Then a very tight segment cameMillion Dollar Dog": Each participant must evaluate the time it takes for your pet to travel to the counters that separate the dog from the target family. It is not easy because you have to take into account the possible diversion of animals. .

The first family that took part took the dog what they called.Shit"Unbelievable but real when Guido He asked why he was named, the father of the family explained that his grandfather called it. "And until what age did your grandfather call you" Crap "?" He asked Kaczka boy "And … while he died," said the little boy.

Made out of clothingMillion Dollar Dog"The family got smart TV because there was only two seconds between the family's time at risk and the time the pet went to travel." Uma's bitch took the lead as she did. It was just a second, and Jackpot, as the name suggests, has one million pesos.

In "Another family night"There is also a place for participants to showcase their talents in any activity they are outstanding, both physically and artistically, or intellectually." During the first broadcast of the first El Trece program, the participants sang and the audience interacted in the game. via social network Instagram.

Between pledge and pledge Guido Kaczka he had fun talking to the participants and it was even time to be able to dance "Another family night"

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