Thursday , March 30 2023

"Unprecedented Political Persecution in Democracy" …


Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, one of Milagro Island's lawyers, reiterated that defending a social leader would appeal to a punishment taken yesterday against her, calling Pibes Villeros a potential public funds diversion.

"It is an unprecedented political persecution in democracy," said Gómez Alcorta after 13 years of imprisonment and said he was going to appeal. "Once the basics have been introduced, we will not only focus on the Jujuy authorities – if we have no hope or a fair trial – but also federal bodies like the Supreme Court and the IACHR," he explained.

In a dialogue with the announced program Crónica El Destape Radio, a lawyer said that "none of the three judges who condemned Milagro is a Tribunal." "Even one could not check three times," he added.

"Preventing Milagro ended only tomorrow, political power had to be condemned, as it is," said Gómez Alcorta. "Today Milagro Sala is corrupt, but nobody says that the cause is very serious," he added. .

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