Friday , February 26 2021

Tunu's relatives from the deceased climbing traveled to Mendoza

At the end of the weekend, a 27-year-old mountaineer relatives on the way to Mendoza suffered a 7th accident in the Tunjane camp. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, and only two women suffered minor injuries.

The accident was recordedroute no. 58 58 square meters in height Cordoba City Vicuña Makenna, due to the reason for the creation of the Citroën AirCross C3, left the asphalt map and eventually influenced the lighting work in the industry.

It moved to the car from east to west Claudio Flores (64), Veronica Figuerada (38), Sandra Tartaglia (52) and Carlos Pueyo (62) all residents of La Plata.

The car finally dropped a light post on cluelessness. Flores is Aldana Flores (27)'s father, a young woman who lost her life with her partner last Sunday when they practiced rock climbing on the Mount Cajón de los Arenales de Tunuyán.

In order to find out the reasons, the driver loses control over the vehicle that leaves the asphalt folder and goes down to the public lighting station, and as a result of the accident, both women were attracted to the precautionary measures at the municipal hospital "Enrique Carrozzi".

There they were assisted by an on-the-job physician who found some abrasions and then helped them get rid of them.

The car recorded significant material damage.

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