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Today the dollar: according to US Federal Reserve Announcements, it is less than $ 38. – 01/31/2019

The dollar started its operations on the tenth day under the band Interference. In a few hours after the Monetary Policy Committee's decision on whether to increase and how much money to buy foreign currency – and thus increase demand – inject more pesos and the dollar will fall a big drop of 48 cents to $ 37 in the wholesale market. The non-stock exchange floor is $ 37.61.

The central bank went out to buy early. He bought $ 50 million for an average price of $ 37.08, but no more than $ 37.10. Since January 10, when purchases began USD 560 million has been added to the reserves.

Meanwhile retail market, the dollar Banco Nación falls by 50 cents to $ 37.90. On Wednesday, the currency ended at $ 38.59, according to the banks' average. These are values ​​that have not been visible since December 3, last year.

The dollar followed the same pattern as the other countries in the region, where all currencies were revalued – from Brazil to Mexico.

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The fall of the dollar in Latin America is linked to the United States Federal Reserve Declaration, which decided keep a cautious position on raising rates. The Fed maintained a flat rate unchanged and furthermore, in its communication, removed references to "more gradual increases", which marked a flexible approach to reducing its bond portfolio and pointed out that the next rate change could even be reduced.

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The optimism of the new markets, following the decision of the Central Bank of North America, also affects the country's risk, which decreases by 0.87% to 683 points. This means that there is a difference of 6.83% between the Argentine bonds and the United States bonds, which are considered the safest. The US Treasury's 10-year bond also fell, reaching 2.67%.

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