Saturday , January 29 2022

Three victims will arrive in the friendly morning on the river in the National de Montevideo


Tomorrow at 22:10 Maldonado, River You will have the first exam before the official competition. It will be ahead A citizen of Montevideo in the stadium Domingo Burgueño Miguel. And Marcelo Gallardo will not be deprived of three company data.

Those are Jonathan Maidan, Leonardo Ponzio and Ignacio Scocco.

A 33-year-old defender is about to close his cycle with a millionaire shirt to join Mexican Toluca. The guard, who will be 37 years old at the end of the month, will be kept for physical reasons. Y Nacho was then excluded regret his injury on the right side of the double (they did not indicate how much rehabilitation would require).

Muñeco would travel with 22 players to the Uruguayan territory, where his team took part in the preseason (specifically Punta del Este). In the afternoon, he will train again River Camp from 17 to closed doors.

Remember that everything riverplatense There will be many events at the beginning of the year, as the number of delayed appointments it will recover will be many. The debut will take place with Defensa y Justicia (discontinued from Super League Day 8) this week Monumental. It will then be measured with the European Union (Wednesday, 23rd local government), Patronato (Sunday 27, Núñez) and Godoy Cruz (Wednesday, March 30th, Mendoza). On Thursday, February 14, he will delete the last star in Rosary against the Central.

Management is still working to close the reinforcements required by the technician. The closest is Chilean Paulo Díazwho will sign in the next hours.

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