Friday , April 23 2021

This is a new feature that you can use for Christmas

Christmas arrives very soon, and WhatsApp has already produced some new stickers to celebrate Christmas holidays. Look what's coming!

Christmas is coming and with it thousands of messages will flood the phones of all. Recently WhatsApp presented stickers a new feature that lets you exchange various personalized stickers and other guides, such as Simpsons.

Now WhatsApp New stickers specially designed for Christmas celebrations have been added. The courier company added a new package with Christmas stickers.

This WhatsApp sticker package can now be used on our phones, and can be done very simply. Downloading multiple packages is easy and can be done in a few clicks. Now in the list to download you will see one with the name "Merry and bright".

WhatsApp You have chosen a special package to celebrate Christmas, which is perfect for the Christmas touch. Some of the stickers will add a funny signal to the conversations that we will continue on these sides.

All of these stickers can be used for all types of conversations and are ideal for completing the Christmas message that you send to your family or friends.

Be it stickers WhatsApp At Christmas they are ready, and you can use them for Christmas holidays.

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