Monday , October 18 2021

They were in Bariloche femicide: he had a head


Friday morning, Río Negro police dogs found Mariano Cordi alive, his former partner Valery Coppa femicide respondent. The man had to work because they found a bullet in his head.

When the investigators stopped him, they discovered he was dehydrated and partially unconscious. They also observed a wound on the head, which was considered a shock. With hours they noticed that Cordi destroyed controversy and made tomography: they discovered that this wound was the opening of the projectile.

According to the sources consulted TN at nightThe court estimates that the bullet used comes from one of Cordi's domestic weapons. One of them had no cupboard anymore. They believe that man he tried to kill himselfafter he's gone after his ex.

"He hid in the meadows," the injured mother, Marianela, explained TN, and said, "I would like him to kill himself." On Friday morning, they had resumed their grabs in the heavy access sector to about 20 kilometers to the center, which they had arrived on Thursday night with Federal Police, Gendarmerie and local police officers with 4×4 vehicles. Search had been stopped because of lack of visibility.

The man had wanted since last Tuesday when he killed Coppa in the capital of Plaza de la Iglesia Catedral, near his work and completely. As stated in the investigation, he was obsessed with her who decided to end the relationship. "I think my daughter realized it was dangerous," the mother said. "It's terrible for me, why don't you trust me? Why don't you ask for help?"he asked.

"I hope it will be in jail," Marianela asked, stressing, "I don't want to see him for five years, walking down the street." Valery's mother warned that he was a "dangerous offender". "Always we will be afraid send someone who hurt us, ”he concluded.

The police found weapons and explosives at home in the area where the person lived.

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