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They investigate the person responsible for the first instance of human genetic editing

He works at a university to stop him, and he asked for explanations about his field of study. The Shenzhen City Medical Ethics Committee has also begun to internalize the issue.

A Chinese scientist who declared the first genetically modified human being to be in trouble. Jiankai He He has already been criticized by the scientific community, who still have extremely practical and ethical caution regarding the technique used. Now the university he is working on and the local medical ethics team has started to investigate.

The Shenzhe University of Science and Technologyn do not slowly act and stop free for the scientist. He has also released a statement in which he indicates that the incident has left the institution in shock and that work I have This is a serious violation of the Academy's ethics and conduct code.

According to the organization, the authorities did not know about the project and its nature.

He has requested clarification, but the university has decided that the investigation is responsible for an independent and international commission of experts. In turn St. Petersburg Medical Ethics Committee will do a similar job.

Darren Saunders, the former director of the hospital where the experiments were conducted, has indicated that he does not remember that he has given permission Jiankai He about these activities. "Such experiments can make the field of research lagging behind. Science works with a social license. Scientists work in limited volumes, which are in the interest of the wider community. If these restrictions are ignored, there is a risk that there may be understandable negative consequences and fears that can move in this area. several decades, "explains Saunders.

Jiankai He he was enthusiastic about the Lulu and Nana-born children, two twins genetically edited in the in vitro fertilization process. The technique used for this task is known as CRISPR.

The incidental second international congress on human genome publication began in Hong Kong on Tuesday, November 27th. It is expected that I have come to the event. We will have to look at how it has been received.


The only confirmation of the editing case is the announcement of Jianquai He and his working group examination papers. Although it is strange to think that eventually it turns out to be false or exaggerated, this option should not be ruled out.

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