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They found the place where the trout entrance was pressed in front of the coin

A new event joins the scandalous end of the Copa Libertadores. And this is Luis Cevasco, Prosecutor General of the City of Buenos Aires, pointing out that the Monumental program found a sector in which duplicate tickets were created that would link a bar with river leaders.

"On Monday, the broadcast was carried out at the River Stadium and in the place where the tickets were printed, there was a room for which the door had no ID." The prosecutor asked to open it and, after some resistance, they found a computer and two ticket printers, which does not mean that they are illegal, if not duplicated, "explains Cevasco.

On the other hand, in a conversation with Sportia, the TyC Sports program public prosecutor said that "more ticket printing may involve avoiding the club's responsibility or at the same time exceeding the number of tickets that is more legally issued, related to the ability of the stadium."

And he continued: "One of the reasons why the Government Control Agency closed the Monumental Stadium was due to excessive competition, that is, there are several issues that involve managing but violating the bar."

He also commented that "the bar was involved in resale. Here are two topics: tickets that the bars get from the club or not (to visit the game), for which we are investigating and what they can get to resell."

"The investigation was carried out after resale, but from the link between the bar and the managers, we have to determine the responsibilities of the board of directors and club staff, because the search was done, the information was separated and this reality was found."

Moreover, the official did not rule out that this situation was linked to the attack on Boca micro, on Saturday at Monumental. "It is very likely that this is related, but in view of these aggression and acts of violence, we carry out a thorough analysis of the videos, in order to identify the people involved and to check that there is a direct link between the two situations. It is clear that the bar at the entrance to the detention could not enter, and that was the reason for the heavy fighting that took place in Libertador, and Monroe for at least two and a half hours. "

On the other hand, he commented that "the bar was asking for a list of university students" and that the lists were used "to check if tickets were made on behalf of these persons."

At the same time, Cevasco said how the process will continue: "We are going to combine an investigation in accordance with the common good." In this context, we will identify what everyone is responsible for, because we have to determine who is responsible for ticket management and delivery. and how they were taken to the bar, because when a member went to look for them, they had to leave their photocopy of DNI, so we would have to find 300 copies of the records for which Godoy was kidnapped. "

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