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They found superb bacteria genes from India in the Arctic

The Newcastle University (UK) team of scientists hoped to find The Arctic Superbugs traces of pre-antibiotic use. However, they were surprised: They found several genes of modern microorganisms, one of which was in India.

The Superbugs are those who have been able to develop antibiotic resistance. Although it is a natural defense mechanism, the abuse of antibiotics has accelerated its development, creating "resistant strains that have never been seen". One of them is the blaNDM-1 gene, which was first discovered in India in 2008 and is characterized by immunity to last-resort antibiotics. From then on, it was found in more than 100 countries, although the researchers were shocked by its presence in the Arctic.

"It is clear that this gene is not local in the Arctic, if we believe that it originated in South Asia," said David Graham, head of the article published in the scientific journal. Vide International, in a statement. "Invasion in areas like this increases the speed and ability of superb bacterial expansion", he thought. In this context, he stressed the need to tackle antibiotic resistance from a global, rather than a local, perspective.

Experts understand it the spread of these micro-organisms could be related to the faeces of birds and other wild animalsas well as human visits in this area. Despite this finding, they were also able to find isolated areas that "can show us the basis for antimicrobial resistance".

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