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They found a 15-year-old girl who had disappeared from Catamarca

"I received a message from the staff working at Aconquia, where I am unfortunately informed The missing girl has found her dead in a deep ravine"confirmed Catamarca police chief, Orlando Quevedo.

Paula and her mother had traveled from Vicente López in the province of Buenos Aires to visit her family La Echada. A place where they found their body It's difficult to access, so rescuers are still working to recover it.

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The performance of police experts is expected to determine what happened to Paulbut at the same time her 22-year-old cousin, the last man who sees her, continues prosecutor's office investigating the case.

The young man assured the court that he had spent his cousin at Aconquia and so she climbed up the hill looking for a cell phone signal while he remained in the plain.

According to the boy's story, he learned that his cousin had just disappeared when he returned home. Paula's mother and about 30 other people were in search, including volunteer firefighters and Catamarca police.

"We've been destroyed. We believe this could happen but in the afternoon we received a call saying that Paul was alive, ”said Mariano, a teenage brother.

"We don't know what to do, so tomorrow we'll go to Catamarca to spend my mother in the place," he added.

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