Wednesday , March 22 2023

They flutter Agustin's body in Esperanz: her cousin bids for Instagram and cell phone skills


Today at noon in Esperanz, Santa Fe Province, gathered a small crowd by Agustina Imvinkelried17-year-old girl who was the victim of femicide after having left the disc in Teos on the provincial road 6.

Funeral Services –strictly intimate, with cameras and journalists at least 50 meters away, was done Castello and Rosso House, a few meters from the Department Police Headquarters. At the beginning of the afternoon, Cortis will move to Municipal cemeterywhere the body will be buried. Hours before, implemented by a group of priests mass in the local basilica of the young woman.

On the line at least four thousand hopes went last night to ask for justice for the crime prosecutor María Laura Urquiza. , the greatest mobilization that has recently been remembered in a small town, with almost ten percent of the total Esperanza population on the street. Main slogan: "Not less."

Meanwhile prosecutor Urquiza has the opportunity to make a significant experience: a possible femicide analysis for a mobile phonePablo Trionfini, who stood in his house in the United neighborhood when he was in the corner of the Santa Fe police, after his minor friend, Agustin, identified him and the security cameras showed his Renault 21 near him. The cell phone was in his house. An agustine phone with which he had seen the cameras shortly before his murder remains unidentified.

Trionfins, on the other hand, were two Facebook profiles one "official" with more content and posts, and the other with almost 19 friends.

Meanwhile, murderers of girl friends and family they dismiss him with their personal opinions.

Melani Imvinkelried is the cousin of Agustina and it played an important role in searching through social networks for a little over 24 hours, which was not lost. He was published not only by his photograph but also by data was responsible for the erasure of false data that began to appear.

Already with your body, Melani used her Instagram profile to destroy her cousin with an emotional letter in which he expressed all his pain. "His death, she wasn't sick, she didn't hurt, they were killed, they took part in us, They broke our heart and soul We will not have it yet: we have lost it. Pain, sadness, impotence, suffering, angerIt is a bit about what I feel, ”wrote Agustina's cousin, and the young woman also took the opportunity to remember that they recently spoke of her grandfather's death and prayed for respect at this time.

Full report on victim bonus

"Not long ago we went to the cemetery for nono and laughs, we wondered what would be next / next. It is impossible not to think about the day and now. We usually think that we are released, what happens in other places and day to day life changes. and give us the tests that I can't understand or accept right now.

Yes, she is Agus, my cousin forever, my family. She died, she didn't get sick, she didn't hurt: they killed her. They took part of us, they broke our heart and soul. We will not have it yet: we have lost it. Pain, sadness, impotence, suffering, anger are little of what I feel. I am empty and there are not many others in my head. Why? Because and forever our Agus as such smiled. ❤

Thanks to every person who gives us support from anywhere.

No need to ask again, but please respect. "

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