Saturday , April 1 2023

They describe the "unusual" hantavirus outbreak in Epuy


The Hantavirus outbreak in the Chubut town of Epuyén, which has already been killed by 10 people and 28 more infected, is "unusual" because it recognizes the only precedent coming from El Bolsón town in 1996, the main spreading method, ”today confirmed the Argentine Infectología Society (SADI) report.

The report adds that the outbreak began on 14 November last year, when a person who was infected with the environment visited a social event in which he infected five people.

SADI said that in the current interpersonal context, entering a place that had been shut down for a long time, "open windows and doors outside of hours, put on masks, spray the floor with bleach and wash their hands while performing tasks."

In an endemic area or an outbreak, it is necessary to "keep the house clean to avoid the presence of rodents, place gardens and firewood away from home, drop away from weeds and dumps, stay overnight on the ground and be careful when operating a fan or air conditioner filters or wires may have been in contact with contaminated dust ”.


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