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They condemn Milagro Island to 13 years in prison for corruption in social housing construction – 01/14/2019


Jujeña's justice condemned Kirchner leader Mie Salu Milagro Island to 13 years in prison for "illegal association" confiscation of $ 60 million for social housing.

In court cases known as Pibes Villeros, Jujuy Criminal Court no. 3 also forced Milagro Island to absolute deprivation, as head of an illegal association and co-author and "crowding out real competition" in public administration.

Hearing began early in the morning, but was postponed when it became known that one of the defendants – Raúl Aguilera – was detained for drug trafficking and could not participate in the sentence. Prisoner Aguiler is the son of Mabel Belconte, a provincial deputy, who took his step to the Milagro Island party, and then moved to Cambiemi.

When the judges resumed the hearing, five in the afternoon, each accused could say his last word before the sentence. Most repeated that it was innocent, according to what Milagro Island maintained. Then the judges took the fourth break until 20.30 when they read the sentence.

Tupac Amaru's leader, along with other people, was condemned for fraud against public administration and the unlawful combination of other crimes in Pibes Villeros. Extra Island her husband Raul Noro was convicted; provincial deputy Mabel Balconte; Adviser Marcia Sagardía and a dozen former Labor Cooperative Members of the Tupac Amar Organization and Social Network. In the case of Balconte and Sagardía, the judges pointed out that they would ask for both to be excluded so that they could execute the prison sentence.

They also condemned the former board member Jujuy (IVUJ) at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development, Pablo Tolosa Perea, with a sentence of two years in prison.

The leader of Tupac Amaru is in preventive detention. She has been detained for three years and pulls different court cases: Pibes Villeros, where today he was sentenced to 13 years in prison; the other also for the construction of social housing, with the participation of former governor governor Eduardo Fellner; and one of escrache to the current governor Gerardo Morales, in 2009, when last month the court upheld a sentence of up to three years in prison.

Before receiving the sentence in the morning, Milagro Sala voiced strong protection for journalists in the Jujuy criminal court. In a situation where the prosecutor described it as "irregular" because the prisoner did not have to hold a press conference at the court station, the manager complained to the journalists to "tell the truth" about what was happening with Jujuy and pointing to Governor Gerardo Morales, who he accused of "judges' joint choice".

"Nobody explores anything, but they're investigating a black woman, a cyan, a chorra (…) So, dear journalists, you're part of the bureaucracy, and you're responsible for implementing justice in our province," he said. Number. He added that "unfortunately, today Justice is chosen jointly by Gerardo Morales." "The Morales judges were sentenced to condemn us all. And all the members are innocent, they didn't steal anything. The only thing they did was look for dignity and live a little better."

The penalty will be known within 10 days. But they are based on accusations by the investigating prosecutor, Diego Cussel, who accused Salu of managing, organizing and commissioning collective actions by the Tupac Amaru group using "intimidating means".

"The clear aim was to systematically accuse the provincial government for their own benefit and / or members of that group and / or third parties," said prosecutor Cussel. He added that "The organization of the resources attracted by the Milagro Island and agreed with the members of the association unlawful allocation of funds, which amounted to approximately USD 60,352,790.80.

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