Thursday , January 27 2022

They arrested a woman who was filmed by hitting her son


A 29-year-old woman acknowledged this fact and will be subject to psychological skills. Video began to spread to social networks Jujuy. The three-year-old was responsible for the relative.

The three-year-old boy, who was beaten and poorly dressed, will remain in charge of the aunt and grandmother with his three brothers. Natalia Rosa Martínez, it's called woman who was filmed by violently attacking his son. She admitted he beat the child and was arrested. "I was drunk, I did it to get my husband's attention," he admitted.

This Saturday the video was a virus. Although it was registered in May last year, it was released by a third party who turned out to be the favorite of the child's father. After transmitting the record, the prosecutor's office Sergio Lello Sánchez ordered that woman 29 years old for "serious injuries associated with linkage".

"It is woman having a history, we know that she is a mother with some difficulties in life, ”said Ana Rodrīgez, Secretary of Children, Adolescents and Family.

Natalia Rosa Martínez was tested at Jorge Uro Hospital and then moved to section 17. At the same time, the staff of the Children, Adolescents and Family Secretariat went to La Quiaca for an appropriate protocol on family violence against minors.

According to sources close to the investigation, the accused said, "I'll never do it again, it was a bad time." Now woman will be subject to psychological research.

"The Martinez brothers (with four and eight to three years old) will be arrested for the aunts and the mother's grandmother who lives in Tucuman, where they live, they are very close, we don't want to separate them," the headline said. Children, adolescents and family secretaries Ana Rodríguez.

According to the announcements made by El Tribuno de Jujuy, Rodríguez explained: "We have discovered that they are in good health, they have no injuries from present or old data".

In addition, the child's father added: "We have no knowledge, no one has filed any complaint, but everyone has a mother's name, we act in a plane relevant to us, the court is responsible for the mother's procedural situation, we make assessments for family members to help children. "

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