Wednesday , March 22 2023

They are trying to limit the hantavirus outbreak to Chronicle


People's Health Secretary, Adolfo Rubinstein, on Monday said the government is "Working next to Chubut health authorities to control the outbreak" hantavirus, who registered in Epuyén, and confirmed that all cases started "epidemiological chain" in the city of Patagonia.

"The event has isolation, bio-security and biological isolation, which is the isolation of all those who have encountered some cases." Very strict epidemiological study to try to limit the outbreak of the disease. that I think we are now reachingcommented on the official.

Rubinstein explained that 28 positive cases and 10 dead, including dead women in Chile, have contacted "with index" a person who has visited a party at a party that has had an epidemic at the beginning of November.

The experts at the Buenos Aires Malbrian Institute are working to find out if there is a virus mutation (Telam).

Notifications Radio meter, explained that the professionals of the Buenos Aires Malbrian Institute are "working to see if there is any mutation (virus) because there is a very high prevalence among people", something is not common in this disease.

"Currently, the figures are 28 positive cases with 10 deaths, all from Epuyén, from the same epidemiological chain, even in Chile, died of patient contact with the index," he added.

In this regard, he said that the situation is serious, because the outbreak shows a "Very high mortality".

As for the recommendations, he said: "If you ask me if I would go on holiday and no, it is a city with very strong measures."

Although he stressed that it only affects a city located in the department of Kushamen, he demanded extreme measures in the cushion area, including leaving a lot of ventilation in confined spaces, rather than camping on long medicines and drinking water.

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