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There are already 111 canceled airline flights, and more than 15 thousand passengers are affected – 08/08/2018


Again the chaos of traveling Aeroparque. A striking trade union protest in this air defense plant and at other stations inside the country in protest of parity reconstruction has seriously affected this operation: at least 111 flights have been canceled and more than 15,000 passengers affected by five trade unions.

The assembly ended at noon. At 10:00 in the morning, but around 12:00 they had not yet begun to fly: the first one that was "on schedule" was at noon. 15:00 in San Rafael. Every half hour, an Airlines employee who is required by the loudspeakers, that passengers re-scheduled flights directly to a page or web application. From the company they warned that they were trying to move them to other flights.

A further disagreement is added to the debate on the future wage of the Aerolíneas y Austral staff: trigger clause that they were arranged in the last pay contract if the inflation scenario exceeds 17%. Discussion Whether or not the settlement should be included in September, when inflation, one of the highest annual figures, reached at least 6.5%.

They cancel more than 50 Aeroline Argentinas flights. / ALFREDO MARTINEZ

They cancel more than 50 Aeroline Argentinas flights. / ALFREDO MARTINEZ

Minister of Transport Guillermo Dietrich said in a dialogue with the TN channel that the situation was "incredible" and explained: "The Argentine government is making a major effort to add Aerolineas Argentinas, whose figures are in red, as has always been the case in recent years, and we we have reduced them: oil prices have risen, devaluation has affected, there are fewer Argentines flying abroad. "

The protests are conducted by pilot guilds (APLA and UALA) as well as ground staff combined with the Aeronautical Workers' Association (APA), the APTA Technical Services and the High-Level Personnel Alliance (UPSA), who run the Assembly at Buenos Aires Airport and other parts of the country.

They cancel more than 50 Aeroline Argentinas flights. / ALFREDO MARTINEZ

They cancel more than 50 Aeroline Argentinas flights. / ALFREDO MARTINEZ

Dietrich addressed them when he put them "effort": "This report is being given to trade union leaders, we all put our shoulders in a balanced budget that is essential for the development of the state to create jobs for us to be stable … Un Airlines is not an exception ".

On the other hand, the Aeronautical Technical Staff Association (APTA), Ricardo Cirielli TN, claimed that "the company did not pay 100% of the salary"Although he explained that" the commitments made since last year were carried out correctly, "he said:" At the last meeting, we not only warned us that they would not pay us what they were entitled to, but the next paycheck for 2018-2019. Only next summer will take place. So they did not pay us what we owe, and at the same time they will freeze salaries four or five months. "

Pablo Biro, General Secretary of the Aircraft Flight Association (APLA), apologized to the injured passengers: "They are the hostages of Dietrich's family, but we have not mentioned the minister. We do not have the opportunity to handle the judges so that they are destroyed in prison."

According to Biro, "they could make compulsory reconciliation … nobody called us." He added that "it should be clear that this is a task to keep, because they do not pay salaries." The minister did not leave us an alternative: they led us into a conflict to destroy the flag's airline.

Cirielli added that because of the crisis in the sector, "between the LAN and Andes six planes returned, which means less job and they have returned, because the revolution promoted by this government is false." This revolution has led to unemployment, it is a correction. "According to a trade union representative,Minister Dietrich is constantly on his way when it says that the aeronautical operation has improved. There is nothing like that. "

When will the assemblies come together? Biró confirmed that "If they do not pay wages, they will not end"adding that" the Argentinean airport and the Argentinean sky will be defended by aeronautical workers ".

They cancel more than 50 Aeroline Argentinas flights. / ALFREDO MARTINEZ

They cancel more than 50 Aeroline Argentinas flights. / ALFREDO MARTINEZ

A similar event last Friday was the Sixth Alliance, which brings together employees at the company, the Aeronautical Society Association (AAA).

Affected passengers may change their tickets to other dates or destinations within 30 days using the same route they purchased. Specific questions about canceled flights were approved by line 0810-222-86527.

"The mayor of power consists of storing the main airport complexes, preventing normal tasks from being performed. These associations are trying to influence the company's services. The Assembly began at noon. 7:00 in the morning. For this reason, the company had to stop 92 flights that had to be completed before 10 am. Given the characteristics of the event, the operation it could not be normalized before this time", expected in the Airlines statement.

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