Wednesday , April 21 2021

Thelma Fardin's long journey: All she had to do was to justice to listen to her

About 10 days, Thelma Fardín flew over Managua with more than 6,000 kilometers. The fighter of Nicaragua feminism who met during the meeting was in touch with Maria Teresa Blandón, an historic reference to the women's movement in that country.

Teresa is now serving Infobae Her country was submerged on another "black day" that received it and asked for support from a recognized Human Rights Organization. Her and the accompaniment of these NGOs were the key to the them to start the path to seek justice at a distance.

"This girl should not come here," she says, outraged. "Sex crimes are a structural problem, and the striking thing is that, despite the laws we have achieved and their We, feminists, have divided our heads to get these silence violations, we still have to do so hard. "

Blandón continues: "The Argentinean judiciary should have started an investigation, but they told him that he had to file a complaint. Can you imagine how it was if this girl could return to the place where she was raped? The rule of law must be more comprehensive in relation to women"

It refers to the fact that, according to a complaint in April of this year, Fardine traveled to the Argentine Women's Confederation of Securities (UFEM), where they told him that they could not investigate what happened outside the country. Dialogue with InfobaeProsecutor Mariella Labozota said she could do it here, but she really would have expected the complaint to be sent to Nicaragua.

Thelma arrived with a friend and stayed in a hotel that, according to Teresa, partially solved the "La Corriente" feminist program she was leading. Teresa took her to the Cenindh Center for Human Rights in Nicaragua, an organization with a 28-year history, to which He was released yesterday from his legal status, firmly defending the victims of repressions in protest. "In this chaos," activists say, "they spit the time to give it all with warmth."

"We will speak quickly, because we have a dictatorship, today we have eliminated us as an organization, we can no longer attend, we are in an emergency, we have a threat," explains Gonzalo Carrion, right away on the other side of the telephone. Carrión is the Legislative Director of CENIDH and He was the one who put his ears, shoulders and accompanied the new actress to explore the peculiarities of a stranger's justice.

"Thelma came to a country that does not have democratic institutions, it is managed by a dictatorship, and people have suffered from a general situation where all human rights are violated, which impedes or limits all constitutional rights, including the right to truth and justice. In this context, an Argentinean citizen arrives. He told us what he was suffering and asked us to support. "

CENIDH was involved with the aim of: "May be heard"says Carrión. That is, she accompanies her and gives her a guarantee that she can bring a criminal sentence to the Public Prosecutor's Office. It worked because the prosecution "has already started an investigation," he continues.

"The intervention of this non-governmental organization in this type of case is essential for the serious institutional problems that exist in our country," he explains. Infobae Reggie Pérez, Nicaraguan journalist. "If someone raises this kind of complaint without contact or without a political downfall, it is likely that a righteous bed will sleep or that a rape party loses the penalty, which has happened many times. If there is no human rights institution that registers a complaint and follows it, it is likely that it will not succeed. "

This is the country where President Daniel Ortega accused the president of her sexual abuse, since she was 11 years old: a country in which the judge rejected the complaint, claiming that the crime had been committed. It is one country – Teresa emphasizes – "in which between 1500 and 1700 girls aged 10 to 14 years old get pregnant every year. This is a tragedy that nobody worries about. "

In Argentina, Thelma has supported the support and advice of journalist Luciana Peker for eight months, and Argentinean actresses (they collect money for ticket costs), and In Nicaragua, these two ties gave him his hand to take the next step.

"They did a psychological exam in order to document the damage and could lodge a criminal complaint, I do not think that the answer to the girls here is usually so flexible," says Teresa. "Perhaps the prosecutor wanted to give a good image in a context in which the government is internationally denounced as a violation of human rights. "

"The first step was to get them to listen, because even those who know this country feel powerless," said Carjion. "Now the Prosecutor's Office must investigate and determine whether he is going to lodge an indictment. A reasoned decision. We will continue to monitor. "

In Argentina, UFEM, a specialized prosecutor's office in the field of gender equality, is ready to provide the necessary co-operation. And from INAM – Women's National Institute Fabiana Túñez confirmed it Infobae who had already contacted the Nicaraguan women's minister and the representatives of the judiciary to quickly investigate the case.

Thelma arrived in Nicaragua on Sunday, stayed for four days, returning to Buenos Aires at the weekend. What happened Tuesday in the theater in Buenos Aires, in the exact week after the submission of the complaint, will remain in history.

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