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Thelma Fardín spoke after an interview with Juan Darthes: "It was not my responsibility, he is a criminal"

Thelma Fardín, with Veronica Lozano (video: Telefe)

One day after me Juan Darthés, who complained to him (publicly and in court) that he had been raped for 16 years, Thelma Fardín He made his first television interview since his accusation. "What is going on, it goes beyond my case," said the actress talking to Veronica Lozano program Cut with LozanoEmphasizing the huge area, he found his courage to be able to say what he was supposed to have suffered in May 2009. "I created this video to protect myself from after; I never imagined this level of reaction, "he admitted.

Farindin explained why it took almost ten years to tell what would have happened in the hotel of Dartes in a hotel room in Nicaragua: "Healing is to do it at the moment when you want that (the victims) are not obliged He stressed. I do not feel anyone who says, "Hablá!" But from my experience I am a healer. "

In addition, Thelma acknowledged what she learned when she learned that Darthess had given the interview "this step" as he called it: "Colapse. I could not believe that there was no limit to how one could reach those extremities … "He was advised not to see the report as he did, and then he gave his vision of the actor's statement, which is" machismo and patriarchy ", because he, among other things said that it was he who went to his room: "You have to press me on the stage. Maybe he's afraid he has a camera. "He felt that in his own words (for example, accusing him of" insinuation "), an actor "fill out the form for people who do it", "this is a guide."

He then said that the victims were responsible for the violation. "If something happens to you it's not my responsibility: he's a criminal"the actress warned." Hopefully, we can understand our place, our body, our decisions. Do not say, "She knocked at the door …" What do you say? "

And in that regard, he warned: "Questions should not be me; He should ask questions. I was 16 years old. There you can not even start talking. "He also noticed Darthes's phrase:" If it were true, the first man to kill me. " " "It's terrible, because I know it's true," said Hardin. And he remembered what the actor said to him the next day: "Wherever you go, come with me, because you will always need a job." He never saw him anymore. Though a few months ago he thought he had crossed it on the street: "I stopped and I said:" If this person is able to paralyze me, I still have to do something. ""

Fardín and Darthes Report (Video: Telefe)

But did not they return in the same plane as they sat next to him, with a full "normal" as was connected with Darthmain? No: he traveled in business, but the rest – in the economy class. "Are we all sick enough? Thelma asked for a paraphrase of the actor. Not you"

Now the 26-year-old actress not only took time to publicly announce what would have happened in this room: her family knew it only at the beginning of this year. "He killed her", he remembered the reaction that was to his mother. At first he just said "other compañeras" from Cruel dude They were the same age. "(Now) all my (former) classmates invited me to tell me they did not realize that I was staying with me along the way. Adults responded, it was she. We were children. "

So he released everything from the game (which consisted of teenagers) of any kind of responsibility with what happened. "Many apologize for not seeing it, but you can not blame anyone. This personality (expulsion) This does not mean the "Perverse" sign. I did not show himNot that, it's not possible … "

Farindin was surprised at the idea she had heard from Darth at the end of this tour, using various Latin American countries. "I met him, saying: "I felt like a kid more". Needless to say, there was a problem. You did not have. This topic emits a thousand edges. "And he noticed a wife and two children of the former protagonist Simona: "Me too I hurt me to think about how his family lives. But if I unfortunately think about it coldly it is not my responsibility"

The trial will begin soon. "Of course (lawyer Fernando) Teasing Be afraid, "he admitted. How did we resist this structure? I have a truth and it is devastating. And we are together. When he states that "let's wait for justice," it seems to me society has not been waiting for justice. We have to speak"

Thelma and present (Video: Telefe)

"What would you say to the 16-year-old Thelma?" The leader discussed. "No advice at all. I really think we were at another moment, "he said and explained that the prosecution for Calu Rivero Darthessam, at the end of 2017, as well as two other actresses who did this, urged her to file a complaint: "I have to do something with it, I said myself." And from here, from her testimony, other actresses began to talk about their traumatic experience, because María del Cerro. "It was something that was very inactive and it was spearhead."

"A year ago, I can say that I am a woman before it was a woman project, now I have a look," Thelma said.

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