Tuesday , October 26 2021

The workshops were effective and outperformed Banfield Kempe before São Paulo


Seminars He wanted to join with victory on the 17th Super League a Banfield, Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium. And he succeeded.

Talleres scored 3-1 thanks to Sebastián Palacios goals at. 4. And Leo Godoy, at 7. And Joel Soñora in the second half of the year. I had discounts Jesus Datholo, Appendix 33.

The bad thing about the seminar was that Palacios was injured in 19 minutes.

What comes T is a game with Sao Paulo, Wednesday at 20.30 for Copa Libertadores. On Saturday he will visit Atlético de Tucumán for Superliga.

T with this result ranked 12th in the championship.






Unsatisfactory start of seminars before Banfield. In less than 10 minutes, the residents of Vojvodina scored 2-0 with the same formula. Run with spacing and definition in the first report.

First it was Palacios, who did all this on the left and defined an impossible place to win Arboled. After being left behind by Palacios, what appeared to be the back of the game was Godoy, with a strong shot that seemed to come out of the way.

The advantage and trauma of Palacios slowed down Talleres, which was so much attacked and taken advantage of. A bit from time to time, Banfield grew up, with some dangerous arrivals. Great for the first time from Tenaglia and Herrera when they called her to intervene.

The young midfielder, who illustrated Vojvodod, worked at a time when he rushed and left fast, but showed some lack of experience in overcoming the slow ball that only Cholo Guiñúú gave him.

In the second half Talleres became dangerous, and after ten minutes Dayro Moreno was a spectator. The ball was always headed by the ball and the game was played in three quarters of the Matador field.

There was a lack of experience and little fatigue, and the rapid retreat was too sporadic. There was no one to manage time, and Diego Valoyes could never replace the Palacios vertical position. Of turkey and comar.

Tenaglia and Komar became increasingly important to carry shipments from Drill players.

Banfield's discount to a specialist, such as Datolo, came from the stop bomb. The seminars were risky and costly. He went from a convenient advantage to playing to condition the last ten minutes.

But on the first trip, he found several companies, Joel Soñora finished and gave peace to his team and outside people. At the most difficult time, Talleres once again showed his strength and endured the process.


Seminars: Guido Herrera; Leonardo Godoy, Nahuel Tenaglia, J.C. Komar, Fernando Bersano; Tomás Pochettino, Andres Cubas, Leonel Rivas and Juan Ramírez; Sebastián Palacios and Dayro Moreno. DT: Juan Pablo Vojvoda.

Banfield: Ivan Arboleda; Luciano Gómez, Renato Civelli, Jorge Rodríguez and Claudio Bravo; Martín Payero, Emmanuel Cecchini and Jesús Dátolo; Juan Álvarez, Agustín Fontana and Nicolás Bertolo. DT: Hernán Crespo.

Goals: PT, 4 m Palacios (T); 7m Godoy (T). ST 33m Dolool (B); 36m Joel Soñora (T).

Changes: PT, 21m Diego Valoyes (Palacios). ST, 7m, Silva (B), Reinaldo Lenis; 19m Joel Soñora with Rivas (T), 27m Marcelo Torres with Fontana (B), June 32th Arias with Valoyes (T); 41m Matías Moya or Payero (B).

Congratulations: Rivas, Valoyes, Godoy (T); Gómez, Fontana, Civelli, Lenis (B).

JudgeGermán Delfino Stadium: Mario Kempes.





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