Wednesday , September 22 2021

The weather will be bad for three days and Conmebol will hold a summit to determine the future of Superfinal

Stop Copa Libertadores Superfinal First Round Game Put Conmebol in the storm's eye. Following a report that the duet between Boca and the river was postponed until tomorrow at noon. 16, information that heavy rain will continue until Tuesday He made the Confederacy doubt.

Before so many uncertainties, they decided that this Sunday, just before noon, that the body's staff who will combine South American football will meet to determine if it has finally been played or not. The summit will be attended by neither the leaders of Xeneize nor the leaders of the Millionaire. Everything will be solved indoors.

The news that most of Sundays from Conmebol will have a lot of time will analyze tomorrow's date. Concerns about the same thing happen today still do not know what is the best solution. In principle, they meet this week only after 11:00 and then outline the steps to follow.

If the forecast is still poor at the summit, The Superfinal first game may be released next Saturday for Saturday. Although it would have been embedded in the middle of the FIFA date (Argentine played on Friday and Tuesday against Mexico), neither Boca nor the river had invited various national teams at the club's request.

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