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The Venezuelan Hotel's drama burned down: they lived there and feared losing everything – 01/02/2019


Jhomberth Camacaro is 19 years old and arrived in Argentina from Venezuela a few months ago. He is one of the many exiles who come to the country in search of a better life. On this Saturday I had a job interview. But now he doesn't even know where the nights will come.

Where is the hotel

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The young man was one of many people in Venezuela they rented rooms at Las Nacionesthat this Friday burned the tragic balance of the dead woman and the four serious injured, interned in intensive care at the Argerich Hospital.

Jhombert explained Clarin that the hotel "is full of Venezuela who recently arrived in the country. contracts for six months"According to him, he lay on his bed in the room on the 15th floor with two other compatriots when they heard" noise and screams. "

"We left the clothes and there were already a lot of smoke in the corridors. The alarm did not sound and nobody knew anything about the fire. We started down the stairs and, as we approached the fifth floor, we got caught up in smoke and the floor burned, ”he said.

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When they got out on the street, the second drama began with many Venezuelan people who met in the corner of Lavalles and Esmeralda. "We have nothing, no passports, no money, no clothes, no one tells us when we can return."said Camacaro.

On his side, his compatriot Elizabeth (33) added: "We have everything there, we can't get anything, we don't even know the circumstances. I was on the 10th floor and when I went down I saw a lot of people burnt down. "Another woman who did not want to give her name said she was paying $ 15 a month for a furnished room.

The action involved more than 17 SAME ambulances carrying 48 injured to different hospitals. Photo: Winter

The action involved more than 17 SAME ambulances carrying 48 injured to different hospitals. Photo: Winter

They explained to the newspaper in the civil protection and city police that they could not tell when tenants and guests could return to the hotel the damage assessment had not yet been carried out and the causes of the fire were studied if there was a risk of building construction.

The fire occurred on the fifth floor and, according to official sources, a 55-year-old woman was killed due to smoke inhalation. In addition, there are four other injured with severe burns. In total, SAME moved 48 people to different hospitals and 60 more.

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