Tuesday , March 21 2023

The truck passed over the family and has two dead – ElSol.com.ar – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


The girl and the young woman died on Monday evening in Guaymallén after the van man passed over his family. Two more women, relatives of the victims of death, were supported at this site and then hospitalized. Police sources confirmed that his country is delicate.

In turn, the leader identified as Roberto Aucachi in Cisneros (23) was arrested by the police after he tried to flee. He was transferred to police station 35 and was available to prosecutor Fernando Giunta. Apparently he was drunk during the accident.

Police information says the incident happened around 21:00, when four members of the family group headed north in the eastern direction of the eastern access. At that time, the Nissan Frontier, which circulated in the same direction, surpassed them.

After the accident, the driver wanted to escape from the spot on Tiraso Street. However, he could not continue and was arrested by a retired police officer who witnessed the event.

A few minutes later, the authorities were aware of the news and four ambulances from the Coordinated Emergency Service (SEC) were moved to this site. Healthcare professionals noted that a three-year-old girl called Aimara Tejada had died on the spot.

The 21-year-old girl, Gabriela Riquelme, died when she was transferred to a central hospital. Finally, two survivors – Nicol Riquelme (18) and Rocio Arias (14) – were taken to the Central and Notti hospitals and were serious.

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