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The tragedy in Rosario: The mother tried to save her son and both died

After the electric shock at home, a woman and her son died in Rosario. This was due to the wrong connection that sent electricity to the staircase, connecting the new man's room to the first floor of the house. Mother, Delia ManonI, 64, and his son José Peaglotti For 23 years, they died immediately.

According to the first skill, the young person was on the grid when he put one leg on the ladder. The mother noticed this situation, tried to save it, but contacted the power plant and received a discharge. The event took place in a house located at Iriondo Street 4800, in the south of Santa Fecina.

Researchers believe that a tragic episode would have occurred if a damaged or irregular connection He would be disconnected by contacting the wall and the house stairs. It happened on the first hour of Wednesday, when there was plenty of rain in Rosario.

The call to the firefighters about the situation was about 6 in the morning, Deputy Director of the Integrated Sanitary Emergency System, t Cristian Botari, confirmed by Rosario's La Capital newspaper, that the house had to be looked at so that no one could enter because there was a risk of electric shock.

"When we arrived at the site with two phones, we found that the house was electrified. The father of the family was out of shock and we couldn't enter to visit the patients.he explained.

To the place where they left the Santa Fe Police, Civil Defense and Provincial Company, which provides a vigorous service to reduce electricity in the house. When the employees of the company managed to reduce the service and arrived at the police, they found the bodies of the victims.

"On the top floor of the house, one of the rooms had a 20-year-old girl who could not go down because of the risk.. He had to go through the window. Here, some neighbors helped. It was a very worrying situation, ”said Botari about a situation where the family had to go through.

Gonzalo RatnerDeputy Director of Municipal Civil Defense, Dialogue with Radio Eight that the fact would be created "with a faulty connection in the house". "Obviously an important household sector was electrified," he said.

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