Friday , January 15 2021

The thief who shot the Swedish tourist got the Chronicle

The second was arrested for an attack on a Swedish tourist Christoffer Perssonwho, after being killed in the Monserrat Buenos Aires neighborhood at the end of December, was amputated by a leg that he dismissed the victim, though he claimed to have shot him and then threw the used weapon.

It's about Roberto Gramajo (25), called "Chicho" and with a criminal record of robbery. The official defender helped Alberto Giordano, who admitted in front of the judge and prosecutor that he murdered Persson for robbery, but explained that he was shot.

The accused also admitted that he left that night to steal with another arrested defendant. Rodrigo Peláez (22) and that he was sitting in the rear seat of the car, where his accomplice drove to rob. Gramay explained that the gun was not his and that he had thrown it at Riachuelo after attacking Persson because he was afraid.

Meanwhile, by explaining this event, the Deputy Head of the Government of Buenos Aires, responsible for the Ministry of Justice and Security, Diego Santilliwith the Security Secretary, Marcelo D & # 39; Alessandro, acknowledged the staff of the various fields involved in the investigation.

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