Thursday , April 22 2021

The Superleague will be confirmed when the River Delayed Games are completed

Current edition Superliga It has a lot of asterisks. The international competitions have led the organization to stop the games permanently.

The most successful case is The riverto get on your way Libertadores Cup postponed 4 commitments internal competition. In this respect Millionaire will start in the summer.

Although most of the teams will have a bow at preseason in the tournament, the set Marcelo Gallardo One year ago, formal commitments have to be challenged The Ministry of Defense and Justice and the Santa Fe Union.

The Saturday, Jan. 19 at noon 8 those from Núñez will get Hawk no Florencio Varela for a valid meeting date 8 and Wednesday 23rd will be judged against Tatenhegs canceled Day 12 (both on TV and on TNT Sports)

For its part, the classic is between San Lorenzo and Hurricanes which had to play date 13 it was reprogrammed Sunday 20 at 18 with transfer Fox Sports Premiun.

Other suspended games will be transferred immediately after the draw and to the official player reinforcement no Libertadores Cup and South American Cup no 2019 with part of Conmebol. Those are:

Date 12: San Martín (SJ) – Boca

Date 13: Godoy Cruz -River

Date 15: Boca – Atlético Tucumán and Rosario Central – River

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