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The ship that opened the ARA San Juan arrived in South Africa and the judge will receive 67,000 images from the submarine on Tuesday

The 67,000 photos of hydrographic mapping carried out around the remains of the submarine "ARA" in San Juan have already been delivered. It will be next Tuesday nightwhen Caleta Olivia is a federal judge Marta Janesa, personally receives material at Ezeiza International Airport. It is expected that these pictures will explain what happened with the 44 crew members.

Ship Seabed creator, The Norwegian ship, which was the key element of the discovery at the bottom of the seabed, arrived at Cape Town Harbor this morningafter more than 80 search days. During these first hours, the Argentine Government Defense Attaché in South Africa, the master of the vessel, received experts and four crew members on the flight, Gonzalo Hernán Prieto, and a consultant in Johannesburg Pablo Graziano.

Government officials have the task of providing logistical support and collaboration with the download process 67 thousand images and videos from the submarine. The registry will be officially arrested for delivery to Judge Yañez on Tuesday as was officially reported.

The A copy of the information about external hard drives began immediately after the pier in South Africa. The material that collects reports of expeditions and Ocean Infinity reports belongs to the Argentine State and is believed to provide key information about the submarine destination after it appeared at a depth of 907 meters in international waters.

The work of reconstructing the facts is the responsibility of Judge Jan, who processes the case Determine the responsibilities of the murder and later sinking.

For this task, the judge will have not only material related to the discovery, but also all batimetry will be available with more than 22,000 square kilometers of exploration images.

When the state arrives in tests, limited access to images. At the request of relatives, the Fleet Communication Protocol is in force. tries to protect confidential information.

Material Flight through Qatar Airways, with a stop at the Doha city. The champion will be accompanied by Captain Prieto and three Navy observers (two underwater officers and a hydrograph) that was above Ocean Infinity. But four relatives from the submarine, who climbed the seabed builder, will return with this contingent: Luis Tagliapietra, Silvina Krawczyk, José Luis Castillo and Fernando Arjona.

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