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The progress towards the G20 Congress ended without incident

After March 15, the slogan is very clear: "No to the G20, down to the McCreean-IMF treaty, Trump and other imperial leaders Fuera Bolsonaro, for non-payment of external debt, no to adjust, transfer and repression." The mobilization started from de Julio Street 9 and San Juan Avenue eventually concentrating in front of the people's congress.

There were more than 100 social organizations among which are the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Fundadora line, the left side and piqueteros, CTA, CTEP and other popular fronts such as Dario Santillán Popular Front, Polo Obrero, JP Evita, People's Movement and others.

Mobilization had an extension of more than 10 blocks, and there were dozens of faces that were not covered, but the protesters were not present. They informed him from the Ministry of Security Infobae what about 6000 people were counted.

There, the main chants and calls were against Mauricio Macri, Patricia Bullrich, Donald Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

During the week, the government had been asking social organizations to do the same "without faces" and "without elements or artefacts aimed at violence". More than 2,000 police officers were assigned to mobilize.

To ensure the security of all participants in the global meeting, they are outlined more than 22 policemen in several parts of the city. "Everything happened very well," they added from the ministry.

Gerardo Milman, Personnel Manager at the Ministry of National Security, was the one who was in talks "peace agreement" with groups

About the move From the Security they used the four bronze tanks Dongfen donated by the Chinese government, with the capacity of six people in a single cell phone with seven tons of weight and 120 kilometers of V6 engine, as well as Belgian-based BDX phones with V8 engine and barrier system.

Nora Cortiñas, Plaza de Mayo mother co-founder, read an official document written by all organizations.

After 18 years of reading, after writing, a group of protesters burnt a doll with Donald Trump's image.

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