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The policeman stole a football player who was dead on the route

He picked up Barisone cell phones and clothes.

The Santa Fe police officer was arrested for suspecting the stolen property of a football player Diego Barisone immediately after the fatal accident at the Santa Fe-Rosario highway in July 2015, as well as about who distributed the victim's photos at the time of the car

Provincial police sources reported that by anonymously denouncing the Interior Department, policemen and coronet city raids on the radio team were executed by the abduction of nine mobile phones, from those belonging to Lanús footballer. These operations also included arms with Limad numbering, drugs, and Barisone personal effects.

The arrested policeman could have been charged with "accidental theft," a skilled robbery, which was based on the benefits of a disaster such as a flood or an earthquake, as well as a victim of a crime. It also tries to find out if the arrested policeman was the one who distributed the player's body photos, which was then directed by Whatsapp.

Barneson played in Lanos and died in July 2015 after his car was broken at the back of the car at 111 km from the Santa Fe-Rosario highway.


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