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The plunder of a new and millionaire century in Vienna

(ANSA) – The masterpiece of the French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) was stolen Tuesday night Vienna just before the auction. The pressure was carried out by three thieves in the prestigious auction house Dorotheum, the largest and most important centerpiece in Europe, which sells some 250,000 items a year.

At 17:15 they arrived in the historic building in the center of the Austrian capital, and as if nothing had happened, they took it off the frame and left. Despite the alarm, the police arrived in time. According to a statement by the Vienna police spokeswoman, Patrick Maierhofer, "it was a professional job". Thieves who seem to be very sporty have immortalized Dorothea's cameras.

Then they left the building for several exits. The Dorothy's spokeswoman, Doris Krumpl, confirmed that the stolen work was "Renaissance", signed in 1895 by the Renoir Leo Landscape 27 to 40 cm, priced from 120,000 to 160,000 euros (from 135,000 to 180,000 dollars) . Krumpl also pointed out that this robbery is completely unusual.

Dorotheam "has a wide level of security, our works of art are insured, and paintings have not been stolen over the last decades," said the press secretary. The painting was part of the auction entitled "Modernist Classics", which will take place as planned after removing Renoir's painting from the list of sales.

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