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The participant asked Guido Kaczka, but he discovered and crossed the air – 01/01/2019

This is an unusual situation this week Another family night (Thirteen, 9.30), the program that leads Guido Kaczka (40) that the participant wanted to be funny and the manager revealed it.

It all started when the couple entered the studio to play with their pet, and Guido introduced his characteristic good humor: "There they come … Benjamin, teacher, perfect … and how's your name (he asked his girlfriend)? ”.

So Benjamin's friend said her name was Delfina and then came the rigidity issue, "And the dog is his name?"."Ask him", the participant answered Kaczka.

"What do you call yourself?"The head of El Trece questioned the dog and, of course, he did not receive any response, but Guido insisted again, perhaps waiting for a gesture from an animal or bark, and repeated his question:"What do you call yourself?"

But the dog did not respond to the tail movement, so the driver said, "This is a typical moment when the dog has a talent that does not work on the television"

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Already something impatient and absorbed his assignment, the manager turned to the pet owner and asked him again: "What does it call?" "Ask him", the participant replied again.

Kaczka turned to the metal and glass structure where the dog was and asked: "What do you call yourself?"but this last one did not slip before the consultation and thirteen-year-olds angryly said to the competitor:"It doesn't respond!"

"Ask him back"The owner of La Plata's native dog urged her, so for the sixth time in a row, the actor tried to decipher the animal's name."What do you call yourself?he asked.

Since this attempt was also unsuccessful, again There was a round trip between the manager and his participantwho replied, "Ask him!"Then Guido realized that the dog was really called.

"Oh, the dog is called Ask, ah, well … Is there ever a pineapple in the camera? Because I'm angry, "threatened Kaczka with humor.Not yet"The man laughed, laughing.

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Finally, Benjamin said he had baptized his pet in this way because "it came out in this way". "I found that he was sleeping, I took him to his house, he was my nephew, and he asked me what his name was … Now the dog lives in the country, but before we both lived together in the mono, we ate biscuits with pasta.

Finally, the dog that its owners call their attenuating, "Let's do it", lost second place to reach the goal and thus continue to make the" million prize "in the classic Guido program game.

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