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The New iPhone 2019: What is Apple's Plan to Renew its Leading Phone – 01/15/2019


Apple wants to regain ground in the smartphone market and forget about the poor sales of the latest devices, especially in China, which caused a sharp drop in production. For this purpose, technology is in mind to Launch a Restored iPhone Version | that many followers have created eleven years of life.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Cupertino's giant plans to start three new models whose difference will essentially be rear cameras. For example, a high-end exhibitor will have a triple camera, and the other one with two.

Apple's idea, at least for this year, is aligned with the growing trend in the smartphone market: Enhance device shooting capability. Although this ideal comes with a slight delay, Samsung introduced in 2018 a device with four cameras, the Galaxy A9 and Huawei, with another Huawei P20 Pro.

For the rest of the functions, they ensure that one of the phones will have the most economical models of the LCD screen, while the rest will have OLEDs that allow for more sharp images with intense colors.

On the other hand, Apple is studying the Chinese competition to try to conquer the market again, especially after the poor sales of the iPhone XS and XS Max and the cheaper XR model. According to the newspaper, the plan would be related to the ability to integrate a double SIM card into their phones.

And since it would not be enough, the company is considering searching to reduce production costs remove some features of its models: for example, the so-called "3D Touch" to configure sensitivity by pressing the screen for special functions.

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