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The new Fortnite season started: these are the main news

Fortnite started in the 8th season and major news two new places where players can fight: Estival Steps and Quiet Albufera, northwest of the island, near the volcano, formerly Alameda Alavillan.

But this is not the only novelty. The new season also includes theme related to piratesso there is a weapon with it: a gun. Interestingly, it can go through some objects and also explode to the detriment of nearby players.

One of the 8th season Fortnite announcement posters.
One of the 8th season Fortnite announcement posters.

Also battle the Royale that breaks records includes two new game modesin addition to improvements in "Creative Mode" and "Save the World"

New modes

With season 8, Fortnite opens two new battle systems: "50 against 50" and "short distances". In the first, each team will have 50 members on one side, but each will reach one end of the island in a flying group.

Team of players
Player team for players "50 against 50" mode.

In contrast, in Short Range mode, players can only fight with rifles and propellers. To add intensity, the game storm moves faster from the middle of the game.

Not all are good news for game fans. Renovation also lost some elements, such as planes, grenades and snowmen.

Millionaire Awards

This week, Fortnite also had money for the World Cup. The individual champion in the finals will receive three million dollars.

During the qualifying period that will take place practically from April 13 to June 16 $ 1 million will be allocated each week "Distributed globally among all eligible Fortnite players," the company said.

100 single players and 50 pairs of teams will participate in the Cup Final, which will take place in New York from 26 to 28 July. Will play $ 30 million for players with at least $ 50,000.

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