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The killer quoted him and killed him with Valery before

Mariano Cordi met Valery Coppa with a 22-caliber cannon, a couple of short periods of about four months, and ended, but on Tuesday afternoon they agreed to meet in the cathedral gardens where he finished it.

The subject is a refugee and the warrant judge Ricardo Calcagno was arrested at the request of the prosecutor at Betiana Cendón, who is responsible for the first 2019 femicide investigation in Bariloc.

Cordi, 40 years old, wished in various industries and around Bariloche since Wednesday evening.

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The sources of the courts said this Cordi agreed with Valery to meet Tuesday afternoon in the cathedral gardens, near the Children's and Adolescent Care Center (Caina), where the victim worked.

The woman arrived after 15 minutes when she came on a bicycle on her back. Valery and Cord They talked to a field where dozens of tourists They went and photographed. The meeting lasted a few minutes and it ended suddenly when Valeria collapsed on the groundmeters from the cathedral.

Yesterday's female companions, apparently saddened by femicide, ratified that Valery was killed after he had completed 8 hours of work at the teenage home near the cathedral.

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The nearby police were the first to help the woman. At first they thought he had suffered an accident on a bicycle, and so he was unconscious. No one thought that the 22-gauge shot had affected a woman's head, while doctors at Ramón Carrillo's hospital noticed a small wound that caused death.

Sources said Cordi wanted to re-establish relations with Valery. But they assured that this was not the reason for the meeting they kept in reserve in order not to interfere with the investigation. Expert regained llamadas and messages recorded on the victim's cell phone. In addition, they analyze the records of the municipal surveillance system that registered in the Cordi Cathedral. They also catch the victim.

The sources of the courts indicated this some cameras recorded the order when the suspect left the site after a deadly injury to the victim and climbed into his red Mazda, which he had left nearby.

But the cameras did not record the moment the object shot against Valery, acknowledged sources. However, all the signs and evidence gathered point to him as a possible author of femicide.

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Researchers could tell that after the attack Cordi visited, Anguold, friend in the neighborhood April 2 and he probably discovered he attacked his former partner.

This address is the main suspect he tried to hurt himself with weapons in the bathroom. But he refused. Then Cordi went to another friend's house in the same industry. There he stayed for a few minutes until he decided to spend his friend who had to go shopping in the city center. So he left his vehicle in this place.

They left a friend's vehicle at the end of Tuesday afternoon. But halfway Cordi asked to go down, near the police station 28. For this reason, on that night, the police searched him in the area of ​​the La Llave municipal school and even in the municipal cemetery.

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