Monday , April 19 2021

The keys to the worst hit by the Real Madrid champions

Real Madrid with the greatest loss in its history in the Champions League, 0-3 against the CSKA, with features such as the lack of competitive tension, ending classification as the first, eleven eleven Santiago Solari, inexperienced defense or the saturation of Isco Alarcón.

The champions' main Real Madrid winners were:

1. Lack of competitive tension

Real Madrid have lost one of the keys to their success, the fight at the end, before failure, always believes in their ability to sign historical returns. In rare cases, this season he climbs when he gets hit. He is lacking in competitive tensions, due to the success of starvation. It is indifferent that those who have won all or the younger have played it, it is a bad symptom that spreads into a group that can not solve the results and the game. Before the CSKA came out to entertain a prestigious procedure, and as soon as he was hit, he was unable to answer his mandate to stop showing signs of impotence in defeats that left the mark against smaller competitors.

2. Solar eleven choices

In her quest to find the reasons why the European champion was poorly defeated against the bottom group, the Argentinean coach blamed the eleventh goals and put forward the latest. Many of them are the ones who are least guilty of seeing Fede Valverde's physical deployment, Marcos Llorente's work, Vinicius and Marco Asensio's courage to pursue their goal. The weighty players like Marcelo have shown that they are far from playing the right physicist, Isco did not work as a leader, because he needed to lose Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale was afraid of injuries when he was hit and Toni Kroos appeared again without a hundred percent.

3. Unprecedented protection

The rest, which was awarded to Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane, as well as the lack of injury from Nacho Fernández, created an unprecedented center of hub, and it would be difficult to repeat the whole season: Jesús Vallejo-Javi Sánchez. The first of these, without a race, ran after several injuries, trying without success without success, gaining a command voice for protection, with little confidence and many doubts; the team lost the worst of their games with the first team, although it was not able to move forward and leave seats for competitors, without protecting himself without the experienced defense of his party to advise him. Real Madrid got rid of defenses, without solutions, as the team split the four attackers into the players who defended the defense phase.

4. Lack of stamping 45 games in champions later

Real Madrid have not been able to reach the goal against the CSKA in two games. He added that there was a lack of shooting for Santiago Bernabéu in Moscow's impotence. Since April 27, 2011, he has not lost the home game. 44 consecutive games that made the goal closed because of lack of stamping when he was. Up to 25 shots, seven on the gate could not overcome Akinfeev and crashing with the wooden shot that the Marco Asensio team was looking for. Fortune turned to Solari this time as it was commanded by Gülen Lopteguju.

5. Isc off

The worst thing since Isco has lived since Real Madrid took over, without the coach's confidence and facing the fans of Santiago Bernabéu when he was whistled, plays what is happening. He has gone from a reference to Lopetegui rather than tell Solari. It gets a few minutes at big parties and he has to justify himself less attractive. His screen before Milias served him a bit for the next meeting and tired of his situation, criticism of the weight and other details that determined the fan's point of view, he responded because he should not. He does not hide and will always ask the ball when he is playing, but his situation comes at a critical moment with his future in the club's air.

Source: EFE.

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