Friday , June 2 2023

The government wants to expand the ARA search


The Ministry of Defense is planning to extend its submarine survey to Ocean Infinity, a submarine surveyor at ARA San Juan, until April, when the 60 days of operational tasks set in the contract with the Argentine state are completed.
This was confirmed to Telam's sources by the portfolio led by Oscar Aguad before the cancellation of the first queue from Thursday, when the Sneabed Constructor reminded Comodoro Rivadavia of the start of the spare parts plan.
After that, the ship will go to South Africa, where the repair will be carried out, which was supposed to resume its mission in February.
In principle, a contract signed by the company and the state stipulate that the rake must be completed within 60 working days within 120 days.
On September 7, Ocean Infinity began operations in the South Atlantic area, located just 600 kilometers from Chubut in the city of Comodoro Rivadavia and almost continuously working in the South Atlantic waters.
"The mission of the Navy is to provide all the resources and support that the company needs. The idea is to go through the search step-by-step and after the end of the 60-day working day, the continuation of it will be assessed," Telam said, Captain Rodolfo Ramallo, member of the Force Communications Department.
Sneabed Constructor has five self-contained submersible recirculators that are equipped with frequency conversion with high-resolution instruments.
The AUV travels through this vast canyon and stream cues on the seabed to search for a missing ship on November 15 with 44 crew members on board.
The search platform was structured in 21 areas that the AUV could wipe out and so far 16 have been tested with their various sub-chapters.
On board, two submarines and naval oceanographers monitor search operations, as well as three relatives of ARA San Juan crewmembers Luis Tagliapietra, Lieutenant Alejandro Tagliapietra's father of lieutenant; José Luis Castillo, brother of fellow Member, Enrique Castillo; and Fernando Arjona, brother of the body of Albert Arjonas.
Less than a week after one year after the underwater disappearance, researchers know that it sails about 240 nautical miles from the coast, in the San Jorge Bay, southeast of the Valdes Peninsula, in the Argentinean Sea.
Vienna, Austria, the comprehensive nuclear non-proliferation treaty organization reported on 24 November 2017 that it had detected an explosion on the day it was reported by the Navy in parallel.

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