Saturday , April 1 2023

The girl who pushed Florencio in Varela woke up and confirmed who was her aggressor


Going back to life This is exactly what the Morene family, a 7-year-old girl who died of a neighbor who came to rob Florencio Varela's house after she showed signs, dies. recovery. The girl was back aware and confirmed how the attack almost ended his life.

Eduardo, his stepfather, explained that the girl was stable and could talk to Flavor, mother. "The Lord destroys me"in this short dialogue with Morena in the face of a neighbor arrested for a violent episode.

In addition, Eduardo discovered The Mariana's Diary What was the first thing the kid said, waking up: "I'm afraid". "I estimate that if my wife finds it difficult to get into our room, how much can she get into her room, it will be the whole process," he added.

After 17 years, Flavia upgraded her daughter's state of health: "She is stable, good laboratory studies are good, doctors look at the wound that touched the lungs that are still flowing; . is conscious and breathe themselves. "

The mother defined the aggressor as "waste" and that he "knew what he was doing" when he came home and pierced 11 times his daughter. The woman reported that the attack occurred when everyone was asleep and she and her husband heard "awful screamI close my eyes and I listen again. "

"We woke up and went to our room, we didn't understand anything, there was a lot blood everywhere", he explained the violent episode that occurred at the beginning of Sunday.

"When I tried to pick it up, one of my fingers entered the wound, I think it was a sphere, ”he joined tears with TN, but the attacker said he was a neighbor living in a block and half of his house, which they know:" His brother is human love, he is my boy's friend. Mom is also a good woman. "

A man who was identified as 21-year-old Iván Cáceres was transferred to his family, and Flavia believes he "knew what he was doing" because "he took off the shoes he had to not be ashamed" when he came home . "What I don't understand is why he caught him 11 times, why so much evil, the only thing that took me away is the tablet that we gave to my daughter Reyes," he complained.

"My neighbor had arms in hand and said she had seen a man leave the house, she was a policeman, he shot him but he didn't hurt himhe told about the attacks.

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