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The experiment was stopped by two genetically fake twins

(ANSA) – The Chinese doctor, who announced the birth of two twin girls with a changed gene, said he did not feel sorry for what he had done and that he was proud of it, despite criticism. He provided Jiankai with these statements at the International Human Genome Expenditure Summit held in Hong Kong and from where, however, it came to the news that the experiment was stopped precisely because of a dispute.

The scientist spoke with more than 700 international scholars who are subject to the issue of "bombing". He replied that there was another "potential" at an early stage, but in a series of consecutive answers it was unclear whether a miscarriage or pregnancy was occurring

I have admitted that eight pairs were involved in the experiment, which aimed to "silence" a gene that produces a protein that allows the introduction of HIV viral cells. The scientist said that he was proud of the results, ignoring the main expert's objection to the test, that the Crispr technique used for genomics often also causes unwanted changes in other DNA domains.

"Volunteers – confirmed that they stopped the" current situation "tests – were aware of the risk of unwanted DNS changes, although they decided to implant embryos." During his speech, he explained to Jianqi various stages of the test, starting with animal tests a few years ago. All data will be sent to the publication of scientific journals, although it is not specified which.

The experiment, acknowledged by the researcher, was conducted outside the Southern Science and Technology University, where he worked until February, personally using resources from Himself. The announcement, released last Sunday with a video on YouTube and hosted by the Mit Technology Review magazine, sparked protests all over the world, from China itself, where more than 120 scientists wrote a letter describing the experiment as "crazy" and the National Health Commission launched a formal investigation. Italy also did not have critical voices, starting with the health minister, Julius Grillo.

"Now, science has reached a very high level in the field of genetics," he said in an interview with SkyTg24, "We need to define this issue as an international community and precisely understand how mankind is in what direction we want to go, because it is clear that scientific research without brakes can he do something, even make people in a test tube. "

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