Thursday , January 27 2022

The dramatic story of Luis Venturu about the violence he suffered as a child: "I've never told you at home"


At a time when artists complain about persecution, Luis Ventura he experienced an episode he suffered in childhood, when the teacher misused it who visited but confirmed that "It was not traumatic " about him.

"The captain had planned everything because it was a patriotic day and he sent me to look for something in the closet, rosette, I don't know. he enters the classroom, supposedly, to help me if I didn't find this element … That's when He starts talking to me, he goes to the table and he lowered my clothes., started with his story Ventura I have to say.

And he continued: "He pulls my pants and panties. He was half-fire, grabbed my whistle and brought it to my mouth. I died of shame that I was naked in this situation, it never happened to me. I say this and I have no resentment or nothing at all. I have a good school and teachers. I had this teacher at another level. "

"It wasn't traumatic for me because he has not perfected what he had planned, ”he said.

The journalist discovered that for the first time he said that Loose Animalsand that she never dared to tell her family: "If my dad told me I was going to school to kill him (teacher), I was uncomfortable and uncomfortable." When I told him my younger brother told me exactly what he was with him, with this teacher's brother. But not only: many colleagues called me to say that the same thing happened to them..

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