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The dollar rose by 4.8% in February to $ 40.14, driven by zero tolerance

In order to minimize escalation, the monetary authority came out on 20 February with futures, a new rate increase (above 50%) and a greater weight gain through the Leliq offer, created 1.5% retracement from this maximum to the last closing value.

Ticket route matched with Single and Free Currency Market (MULC), where the currency increased by 33 cents $ 39.15 and it rose slightly from the flotation floor set by the BCRA between $ 38,617 and $ 49,975.

In this way In February, the North American currency rose by 4.8% (or USD 1.8), which is sharply different in the first month of the year.

Analyst Christian Buteler stressed that "Leliq's stocks increased during this period, despite the last five days of non-renewal of about $ 126,498 million."

He pointed out that "the fine balance between the dollar and the rate at the moment BCRA's rapid reaction could include a rebound in the exchange rate. The dollar has adjusted the rate that increases its value, but this is not the one that can worry the monetary authority. does'.

During the day, the Monetary Authority made Leliq's $ 153,344 million with an average rate of slightly increasing to 50,127% within 11 days. The maximum yield was 50.4801% and the minimum yield was 47.999%.

Operators noted this again BCRA released $ 30.531 million on the market, as Leliq's terms were $ 183.875 million. On a similar operation on Wednesday, it had expanded its currency to US $ 27.621 million.

The currency worked a little more tinted and with a slightly more active demand for the wheel. The minimum was set at $ 38.85 for the first contracts that were agreed, just three cents above the previous end.

To a lesser extent, the development of operations was dominated by the demand for hedging, leading to price increases that rose to positions above $ 39.

With many fluctuations and continuous changes, the price was adjusted higher by touching heights at $ 39.18 shortly after the start of the last trading hour.

"The dollar prices returned to the park area, which was intermediate to the level defined by the monetary authority's free fluctuations, but without taking too much of a momentum to deviate significantly from the lower bound of that area," said analyst Gustavo Quintana.

He added that "lThe interest rate remains attractive for peso nominal investments, and is likely to continue to be a tool that the Central Bank will use to change the moderator of the currency market movement in the coming days."

Other markets

In the informal field blue closed until $ 39. Meanwhile, "contad con liqui" rose by 31 cents to $ 39.35.

In money market between banks Call money was stable at an average of 45%. In foreign exchange swaps, USD 173 million was accepted to take and / or place funds in pesos through dollar purchases on Friday and next Wednesday.

In ROFEX Future Marketwith $ 1,584 million discussed, over 60% was agreed between February, March, and April with final prices of $ 39.02, US $ 40.49 and $ 41.90, with final rates of $ 40. , 30% and 42.03% TNA in March and April.

In turn Central bank reserves yesterday they reduced $ 5 million to $ 66,985 million.

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