Thursday , April 22 2021

The dollar reached 77 cents during the week and closed above $ 39

The ticket was offered on the Single and Free Market Exchange (MULC), where the currency rose by 34 cents to 38.17 dollars per wheel with a rise and fall and considerable volatility. That same week The North American currency grew by 77 cents.

The increase depends on the region: in Brazil, it grows by 0.6%, in Chile, by 0.9%, and in Mexico by 0.5%, when the dollar index increased by 0.6% compared to the basket of coins.

The The central bank auctioned seven-day liquidity letters for $ 125,132 ($ 34,622 million was released) at an average court rate of 59.08% (on Thursday it closed at 59.16%).. The maximum yields were 59.75% and the minimum yield was 58.4%.

Fernando Izzo from ABC Mercado de Cambios stressed that "The amazing news for the week was that BCRA spent $ 144.280 million and the dollar did not change by only 2.1% without the intervention of the monetary authority. "

The prices showed a very broad course, which caused a significant range between the maximum and the minimum running.

This may be a new scenario, which, without creating drama, will show a rise in prices until the end of December. "(Gustavo Quintana, PR Corredores de Cambio)

From the beginning of the session, a cover demand was applied and prices followed a significant increase, which allowed them to reach a maximum of 38.35 dollars at the time of most buying pressure.

The good level achieved by the wholesale exchange rate contributed to the emergence of sellers who disarmed the original pressure of losses that allowed the dollar to drill floors at $ 38, with a minimum of $ 37.90, on average until the last part

At the end of the day, due to the unreserved demand, the share price rose again to the nearest level. Total trade fell by 14.4%, reaching $ 630 million.

"The forecasts for the dollar recovery in the wholesale segment were confirmed on a date and could set a new scenario, which, despite the drama, will show a rise in prices until the end of December," stressed PR Corredores de Cambios.

In the unofficial market, however, the blue opera is stable at $ 37.65, according to a poll conducted in this environment in the cave of Buenos Aires. In contrast, contad con liqui increased by 25 cents to $ 37.84 yesterday.

Other money markets

In it informal market, while the blue color gained 35 cents to 38 dollars, according to a poll conducted in this environment in the cave of the Buenos Aires Center. Conversely, contad con liqui increased again by 25 cents to $ 37.84.

In it money market between banks "money money" This was done on average by 58%. A currency swap deal was decided on 156 million dollars to take and / or place funds in pesos using dollars for buying and selling next Monday and Tuesday.

In it ROFEX futures marketA total of $ 1,165 million was negotiated, of which more than 70% were agreed in December and January with a final price of $ 39,075 and $ 40,90, respectively, 61,81% and 54,39% TNA respectively.

Lastly, BCRA's international reserves rose by $ 35 million on Thursday to $ 49,920 million.

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