Sunday , April 18 2021

The dollar jumps 35 cents and deals are $ 39.16

The ticket is added to the Single and Free Market (MULC), where the currency reaches 37 cents to $ 38.20.

The increase coincides with the region: in Brazil, it grows by 0.6%, in Chile – by 0.9% and in Mexico – by 0.5%.

In the unofficial market, however, the blue opera is stable at $ 37.65, according to a poll conducted in this environment in the cave of Buenos Aires. In contrast, contad con liqui increased by 25 cents to $ 37.84 yesterday.

Other money markets

In the unofficial market, for example, Blue has earned 15 cents to US $ 37.65, according to a poll conducted in this environment in Buenos Aires city caves. Conversely, contad con liqui increased again by 25 cents to $ 37.84.

On the money market between banks, "call money" acted on average by 58%. A currency swap decision was taken at $ 146 million to take and / or place funds in pesos using dollar purchases on Friday and next Monday.

The ROFEX futures market traded $ 1066 million, of which more than 70% were agreed in December and January, with final prices of $ 38.77 and $ 40.62 at rates of 60.46% and T, 54, 94%, respectively. respectively.

Finally, BCRA's international reserves this Thursday increased by $ 35 million and amounted to $ 49,920 million.

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