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The dollar, in a free fall: the road has gone for the third time in a row Chronicle

The retail dollar at the end of the week was USD 38.80 per unit, which was 1.84% lower than yesterday's 4.9% advance compared to the closing value of the last-cycle last October. .

At the wholesale level, this Thursday was USD 37.72, down from 1.92% compared to the previous day, while the US currency in that segment increased by 4.92% over the month.

As a result of the security constraints imposed by the G-20 summit, the day's operations were reduced to only 3 hours and the cash sold to the market exceeded $ 305 million.

On the foreign exchange market, supply again dominated the continuous flow of foreign currency from banks, exporters and investors.

This allowed the Central Bank to absorb a significant proportion of pesos (about USD 40,905 million) and to indicate a reduction in average interest rates on new rates of 60,405%.

"The wholesale dollar in the single market and free exchange (MULC) dropped by more than 80 cents during the first working hour due to the continuous flow of foreign currency to banks, exporters and investors who found a response to demand, as operators gave priority to the placement of pesos according to diverse assets and diverse period choices, but still high ", said ABC Mercado de Cambios in its daily report.

Finally, Rofex's futures contracts were completed at $ 822 million.

Most – 65% of the total – were contracts with maturities at the end of November and December, and the final prices were $ 37.97 and $ 39.26, respectively.

In different parts that made losses above USD 1 in the quotation, which complements the regression approved in the money market.

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