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The dollar falls by 30 cents to $ 38.31, despite the acquisition of BCRA for $ 50 M

It is aligned with Single and Free Currency Market (MULC)where the currency plumets to 16 cents $ 37.35 and move from the volatility zone that the Central Bank has created today $ 37,860 and $ 48,995.

In the informal field blue decreases by 50 cents $ 37.75 and it is consolidated under the official quotation, according to a survey of this environment in the center of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, "contad con liqui" on Wednesday handed nine cents to $ 37.41.

"All new markets are bright against the dollar because Fed decided yesterday not to touch the interest rate", highlighted by ABC Mercado de Cambios.

Remember that US Federal Reserve He kept interest rates stable on Wednesday, but said he would be patient this year, raising the cost of credit and pointing to the growing uncertainty about the outlook for the US economy.

We must not forget that, as Ambito Financiero reported, from the market they release the fact that today or, if tomorrow is not, the BCRA decision will be announced and expects daily purchases to increase from the current $ 50 million, which at the moment has not had a major impact on the exchange area. This figure is estimated to return to the $ 150 million originally foreseen in the new policy framework.

"There is a growing expectation that the BCRA currency will be purchased for the consequences of the expansion that will be assessed, as well as the recently adopted strategy to accelerate the rate of deceleration to be able to restructure the dollar," said economist Gustavo Ber.

Meanwhile, from the consulting firm Delphos Investement, they said that "this week marked a turning point in the problematic pesos, which was determined by the current good financial moment." speculative. "

And they added "This is reflected in the rapid growth in time deposits, which is reaching (increase) by 6.5% compared to the previous month and restoring the appetite for private investment in pesos, which has led to an increase in the volume of funds, emissions and the required yields"..

The fall of the currency in the local market is in line with the region. So much so that Brazil gained 0.9% on Thursday; Chile – 1.9% and Mexico – 0.4%.

The monetary authority also handed over Liquidity (Leliq) $ 145,000 million with a low average rate 53,687% within seven days (54.889% closed on Wednesday). The maximum rate was 54% and the minimum rate was 51.999%.

The dollar in the world

On Thursday, the dollar fell The Federal Reserve is committed to being patient in the cycle of interest rate increases in the United States, advertisement in euro.

As expected, on Wednesday, the Fed maintained stable rates and said it would be patient in the face of a change in formal policy, taking into account any additional increases caused by increasing uncertainty in the United States.

The dollar index lost about one 0.2%for at least three weeks – 95.16. In previous operations it had already lost 0.4%.

Other markets

Money in the market between banks summon money It worked at an average of 48%.

In ROFEX USD 2020 million was used, of which more than 50% was achieved in January and February, and ended at USD 37.55 and USD 38.71; 38.92% and 40.27% respectively. The prices were low on average $ 0.25, which was added to the last level of the site.

Finally, Central bank reserves US $ 39 million this Wednesday dropped to $ 66.406 million.

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