Tuesday , October 26 2021

The dollar closed a stable $ 38.31, but rose by 28 cents a week


Ticket sold at Buenos Aires City Banks and Agencies $ 38.31, depending on the average domain.com, that's why week accumulated 28 cents.

The currency that works. T. MULC dropped by 18 cents to $ 37.17. It was not enough for the Central Bank to buy the US $ 50 million and approved another fast rate cut, which ended under 53%. During the week the currency increased by 14 cents.

Today, the "zone" was $ 37,886 and the US $ 49,030 ceiling.

The day started with a cautious look at the next game of the Central Game, and then on Thursday it decided to extend the amount of intervention in order not to leave the green bill value.

"If the exchange rate is below the intervention area, the cash base target will increase with the purchase of dollars made using BCRA offers".said the body and said that "These prices will be up to USD 75 million per day."

This extension was not used by BCRA this Friday, and it only bought US $ 50 million in 11 hours, averaging $ 37.3034.

On the first day of the month and on the last day of the week, a mixed route appeared in the North American currency, which could only signal a recovery in the first part of the day and later reflected the tendency of weakness that had been exhibited over the last three days. .

The maximum was $ 37.43 immediately after the start of the day, eight cents above the end of the previous record.

The official auction conducted by BCRA after one hour of work did not, therefore, trigger a reaction to market trends that kept the vendor's prejudices from continuing to reduce dollar values.

Prices dropped from the asset offer to touch a minimum of $ 37.15 averaging the first part of the day. With a few downturns and constant price changes, the currency partially recovered, until the sales trend was finally brought to an end, adjusting to levels close to the minimum session, said analyst Gustavo Quintana.

Did the banks and some investors continue to sell positions to use the 'trading' menu in the Peso menu, as the interest rate is still high and then continues to fall after the BCRA decision.

On this Friday, the Regulatory Authority issued a Liquid Letter (Leliq) for $ 170,000 million (nearly $ 149,000 million), an average rate of 52.441% in seven days, about 125 basis points less than Thursday.

After the competition in which The BCRA was $ 21,023 million, the dollar downgraded until the final price was $ 37.17.

The total volume traded by MULC accounted for 7.6% of US $ 678 million.

So then, $ 610 million the monetary authority has gained since the beginning of January have not affected the exchange rate, whose decline is subject to a revenue stream, which far exceeds actual demand– The phenomenon that seems to be repeated in the second month of the year has been evaluated in the market.

Other markets

The money on the money market among banks was averaged 45%.

USD 1111 million was negotiated in the ROFEX futures market, of which more than 50% was achieved in February and March, with final prices of USD 38.36 and US $ 39.57; and 43.28% and 40.63% TNA. Prices were on average 20 cents.

In the informal field blue it increased by 25 cents $ 37.75, according to a survey of this environment in the center of Buenos Aires Caves. Meanwhile, "contad con liqui" fell by 14 cents to $ 37.31.

Finally, Central bank reserves They climbed on Thursday US $ 392 million to $ 66,798 million

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