Thursday , February 25 2021

The designer sued Adobe for an error that erased 100,000 files

Dave Cooper, a freelance designer, made the decision for the Adobe Premiere problem millions of dollars. What happend? Software "Error" deleted more than 100 thousand video and image files.

A company that solved it with a patch – classical updates used by programs and operating systems – was found to be unsuccessful. But, in addition to Cooper's request, it is estimated that this serious mistake can affect the testing of other people.

Cooper that his files are worth 250 thousand dollars, excluding any profits that could be available for future sales.

The origin of the problem

Adobe Premiere Pro is a tool called "pure cache", which is precisely used to remove the temporary, very heavy video files that the program creates for each project. Guilty In version 11.11, instead of deleting only temporary files, it eliminated many more things.

Software failure was activated in a month between the release of this version and its patches, more than enough time to delete files from many users.

Cooper filed a lawsuit in California, USA, awaiting compensation for a quarter million dollars. The company has not yet submitted any announcements.

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