Monday , April 19 2021

The congressman condemned the senator for sexual abuse

The employee of the People's Senate permanent factory condemned the radical legislator Juan Carlos Marino for sexual harassment. The lottery complaint fell to Federal court no. 5 and the Federal Prosecutor of the National Criminal Police and Corrections No. 6

In complaint Claudia Mabel Guebel He said that "the senator stated that my duties would be fulfilled from my home. I have never had a friendly relationship or trust, I have to respect their function"I just thought that working with him was the most suitable place for me. It was a professional challenge for my academic training. The senator never read any of my reports," he said.

Among the details he provided, there are some messages he received on his phone. "Within a month of starting my work, I started receiving messages from WhatsApp on my mobile phone, which I currently have. "Where are you?" "Where do you live?" "I'll be there; I turn around:" Be ready, I'm going to your house ". He sent me videos that refer to sex, "he said. I tried to answer him with biased answers that did not endanger my work and did not allow him to think that I was interested in what I proposed, "he said.

He also explained that he had no ties, no trust, no friendship, and emphasized that the reports were sent "constantly, several times a week"The strongest part of his floor relates to the time they were without a third party."When we were alone, she directly touched my breasts and asked me when we were preparing for coffee, she asked me to wait for her call, which we could see at any moment"he remembered.

In her complaint, Guebel said that she was serving in the Chamber of Deputies in 2001 as an employee, but from 2004 to 2016 she was secretary of the UCR National Convention. She then returned to work in the Chamber of Deputies at the Political Review Commission, until about a year ago she began working as a Marine counselor.

"Hippolyte Solari Yrigoyen was the person who contacted me and suggested to me Juan Carlos Marino, I remember that at the time I asked him to advise me, Solari Yrigoyen asked me if I would be a couple if I had children and if I I was the one who impressed me because it was about personal issues that had nothing to do with the functions that I wanted to accomplish and I even thought that I had some interest in me, but when I suffered the Marino's behavior, I I understand why he asked them these questions, "explains Guebel.

The lawyer also added that "I turned to Marino, for he had led the Intelligence Agencies Supervision Committee for many years and I think that I would have the opportunity to participate and learn." National National Assistant and NPSGLOBAL, a postgraduate student of weapons of mass destruction, I mistakenly thought, that with me the work was a real place for me. "

Guebel also said that on the 14th day of each month he went to the Marine Senate to sign a certificate of attendance and said that "I first appeared in the Marino office, he took me to his office where there were several assistants. When they noticed me, they automatically left the office, and when we were alone, I touched my breasts and asked when we were preparing for coffee, he told me he would wait for his conversation at any moment.

Guebel then said that after this first visit, Marino told him that from now on he had to tackle Senator Pedro Fiord's head of office, which he also accused of abuse: "Next month, I went to the Senator's office, Pedro Fiorda, who took me to his the office, gave me a talk this evening, called me to sit down, told me that Marin had a desire to become governor of La Pampas and he planned to do a political operation in which pedophilia accused La Pampas chairman of the board of a change. "Then Fyorda forced me with both weapons and introduced the tongue into my mouth with violence, I tried to separate, but not Then he said: "I'm going to call you and see how we will continue."

"After days of this episode, he lost my mobile phone from the place to see us, I never participated, I felt unhappy and very scared of what had happened, and the next day I fell in bed with a lot of stress, high fever, swollen lymph nodes and pain throughout the body, all of this can be confirmed using OSDE, because I call this situation my Obra Social Emergency Service, "he explained.

Guebel also said that after this abuse episodes were asked to convey and take a position in the Senate Directorate General for Research and Training.

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